Instagram tips

So since starting my Instagram journey on the 15th October 2019, I’ve gone from “rubbish” on Insta, to “ok”, to “definitely getting better” Yaaaaay!!!!

I am by no means the expert on this platform, however by following super duper accounts, mingling with some “Influencers” (I found out, that they hate being called that btw), asking the right questions, attending Insta mingle events, watching youtube videos (yes you can tell I have have far too much time on my hands) I have definitely picked up some great tips, which I’ve certainly found useful for my home account @home_with_mrsv. So I thought I would share a few with you. I hope you find them useful, Ive definitely seen some growth in my little account since following some of these tips. Good Luck 🙂

  1. Clearly communicate what you do in your profile.
  2. Never use more than 30 Hashtags
  3. Don’t use the same # each time
  4. Use Hashtags which are relevant to your post
  5. If you do a before and after pic, start with the after (people will get turned off your page if they see a load of rubble for example) you want them to stay on your page so make sure you present your show stoppers! (picked this up from the lovely Helen @homely_rose trust me with nearly 40,000 followers she knows what she’s talking about
  6. Whenever possible add a call to action, so for example ask a question about your post to engage with your followers
  7. It may not always be possible, however as soon as you can, make sure you respond to any questions, don’t try and be cool and keep people waiting, as getting back to people sharpish will massively improve your engagement and apparently Insta love that:)
  8. If you have a home/interior account, try and stick to the theme, the odd peek into your personal life is ok (but try not to go too off track)
  9. Never buy followers ( whats the point in having a load of people following your page with zero interest)
  10. Make sure your pictures look amazing and track whats working

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