“Escape to the Chateau” so what did happen on Dick & Angels “Dare To Do it tour ?”

News Flash- DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO GO SEE THE SHOW (Too many spoilers in it) This post was written for those who couldn’t get tickets 🙂

Being an avid watcher of the series I was really excited to go along to see the tour and if I’m really honest I’ve been desperate to visit the Chateau itself too! as I often find myself pondering on their website to see if there is any accommodation available and guess what? there never is! However being on their website was where I discovered that there was going to be a UK tour.

After finally managing to source the tickets ( I tried everywhere) to get tickets for myself and Mr. V. I tried Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Leeds, then eventually managed to source a couple of tickets in Manchester (all be it we had to sit near the back) but never the less we got there in the end and that was the main thing!

It was quite funny explaining the whole thing to Dave (Mr.V) as he kept saying “what exactly is it that we’re going to see? ” He’s not on the same fan level as me haha! I just kept saying “wait and see” (funny thing is I had no idea either!)

The stage had a huge screen on it, so I knew straight away that there was going to be some sort of presentation. So then it was the moment for the performance to start, there was some french music playing in the background and out walked Dick, Angel,Arthur and Dorothy onto the stage with screen positioned behind them. Angel looked stunning in her, long black off the shoulder velvet dress, her hair was all wavy and she wore a beautiful diamond clip in it she looked loads slimmer than she does on TV too! Dick wore a velvet dinner type jacket and the children were dressed really smart but casual too. The children only stayed on the stage for a short while as Angels Father approached the stage and took them off to sit in the Audience with himself and Angels mum. The children would often chip in from the Audience (especially Arthur, so full of confidence, haggling and shouting questions from his seat until Dick had to give a nice but firm loving “Arthur shush” quite funny to witness normal family tribulations as we all do 🙂

So, I am sure you are probably wondering what went on during the evening, it was mainly them talking us through there journey and here are just a few facts which we discovered throughout the night, you may have already picked some of this up from the series so apologies if you already know some of it, however I just thought I would mention everything I can remember then you can decide which bits interest you or not:)

Dick and Angel met in 2010 at their birthday party which their friend Sophie was hosting. The couple meeting was kind of a “set up” as Sophie did a spot of matchmaking to get them together. Angel was so flustered when she first met Dick that she accidentally poured champagne into his tea cup which had a chocolate in the bottom of it (which she was meant to remove, but didn’t haha) The couple hit it off straight away and continued to date each other. The couple had so much in common, the same mindset and work ethic and values that they knew from early on that they were made for each other. There was a time when Dick was worried about the age difference (19 years) so much so that he once encouraged Angel that she should go off and find someone her own age. to Which she replied “I have found the only man for me (& the rest was history.)

The couple had their first holiday in France where they stayed in a small french town house, this was where Dick suggested to Angel that they could actually buy a similar property in France for around 30k-50k and have a simple life and be mortgage free. He originally wanted a small town house or a low maintenance farmhouse.(If only he knew haha) This idea really appealed to Angel and she set about searching for properties on the internet without delay. Like a typical woman (well me anyway) she started to look at what was in the next price bracket and then the next and before you knew it there they were buying a chateau with 47 rooms! for 345,000 Euros to which they later found out(after doing the deal), that they wouldn’t actually own a small part of the land which sat right in the middle of their plot, so they stumped up another 50,000 euros to secure the lot! Imagine the stress! ahhhh I got stressed just buying a tiny bungalow haha:)

Apparently they looked at lots of properties, and just like when they met, they immediately fell in love with the Chateau de la Motte Husson and knew they just had to have it!

Other stuff I learnt along the way in no particular order:

  • Angel calls Dick a “TV Tart” as he has done al sorts of telly such as:
  • Scrapheap Challenge
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green
  • Coast
  • The Hungry Sailors and Saturday Farm
  • Escape to the Château
  • Dirty Rotten Survival. 
  • and many more

I knew that Dick had done some other Telly but I wasn’t quite sure what! however I had no idea that Angel had appeared on “Dragons Den” and not only did she appear on it with her vintage patisserie events, she also won two of the Dragons over to back her, for 100k, Deborah Meaden and the one and only Theo Paphitis. (she later decided not to take their money by the way) but how cool is that! (I think you can watch the episode on You Tube) she was sooooo super confident in her presentation and such a good speaker, that no wonder they wanted to invest! As a result of her appearing on telly and being so good at it, Angel was later approached to do more TV work and this was kind of how she/they came to do the filming of the chateau along with Dicks TV influence too.

  • They initially had just a budget of £20,000 to spend on the renovation of the chateau.
  • Myth: No they didn’t get paid by Chanel 4 to do up the place.
  • Dick had to go out to work for weeks on end leaving Angel behind in that big old french house, just to afford the project (well they didn’t show you that on TV did they!)
  • Apparently they are not Millionaires “Yet”
  • Did you know, that if you write to them, they will always reply back?
  • They have their own “wallpaper range’
  • Their own fabric range
  • They have written several books
  • They sell all sorts of merchandise on their website too (I bought a bag and tour programme)
  • The couple have amazing values & positive attitudes
  • They quote “the chateau chose them”
  • On their house shopping list, Dick wanted a walled garden and did say “a moat would be nice” to which they chuckled and Angel wanted an orangerie ( amazing what you get when you wish for it, isn’t it!)
  • During the show a member of the audience fell ill and the show had to stop for about 30 minutes Dick asked if there were any Doctors in the audience then an ambulance came( we never did find out what happened) I really hope that person is ok 😦
  • Apparently you need to be really careful when putting an offer in on a property in France, as even if you just verbally mention an offer, this can be legally binding (however there is a 10 day cooling off period)
  • They knew when they bought the property that they wanted to make their home into a business and boy have they done that!

I could literally go on for ever about these two, as I am so inspired by their get up and go approach to life and what they have achieved.

To Sum up

In the last ten years Angel & Dick met each other, fallen in love, had two, children, bought a chateau with 47 rooms, created a successful wedding business, an events business, an online shop. They have hosted a sister show ( Escape to the Chateau DIY) or something like that. They have done a UK tour, created a glamping business and last but not least have become incredible TV personalities. I think it’s easy to see why I am in absolute awe of this lovely couple so much so, that there hasn’t been a week gone by when I’m not looking at french properties and how I could potentially make it a reality for my family (watch this space, I do feel sorry for Mr V at times he does have a lot to put up with in me haha).

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you managed to find something in here which you didn’t know already.

Here are some more photos surrounding the show

Instagram tips

So since starting my Instagram journey on the 15th October 2019, I’ve gone from “rubbish” on Insta, to “ok”, to “definitely getting better” Yaaaaay!!!!

I am by no means the expert on this platform, however by following super duper accounts, mingling with some “Influencers” (I found out, that they hate being called that btw), asking the right questions, attending Insta mingle events, watching youtube videos (yes you can tell I have have far too much time on my hands) I have definitely picked up some great tips, which I’ve certainly found useful for my home account @home_with_mrsv. So I thought I would share a few with you. I hope you find them useful, Ive definitely seen some growth in my little account since following some of these tips. Good Luck 🙂

  1. Clearly communicate what you do in your profile.
  2. Never use more than 30 Hashtags
  3. Don’t use the same # each time
  4. Use Hashtags which are relevant to your post
  5. If you do a before and after pic, start with the after (people will get turned off your page if they see a load of rubble for example) you want them to stay on your page so make sure you present your show stoppers! (picked this up from the lovely Helen @homely_rose trust me with nearly 40,000 followers she knows what she’s talking about
  6. Whenever possible add a call to action, so for example ask a question about your post to engage with your followers
  7. It may not always be possible, however as soon as you can, make sure you respond to any questions, don’t try and be cool and keep people waiting, as getting back to people sharpish will massively improve your engagement and apparently Insta love that:)
  8. If you have a home/interior account, try and stick to the theme, the odd peek into your personal life is ok (but try not to go too off track)
  9. Never buy followers ( whats the point in having a load of people following your page with zero interest)
  10. Make sure your pictures look amazing and track whats working